Monday, July 13, 2009

Nutrition Notes: July 15th

Michelle said today after her triathlon that her legs feel a little heavy, but otherwise she is not sore from the triathlon. Not only her physical training but her dedication to healthy eating is what helped her get through the triathlon and not be completely sore afterwards. She has been so good about eating well that she deserves a treat every once in a while – like the goodies she got from her friend the chef.

Trainer Notes : July 13th

A big congratulations goes out to Michelle for completing the Trek Triathlon in Pleasant Prairie yesterday! Michelle said it was very challenging but she was surprised at how good she felt throughout the race. She said her workouts here at FT have definitely paid off, because she felt physically ready for the demands of the triathlon. For anyone who’s never done a triathlon let me tell you, Michelle accomplished a feat yesterday! Great job!

Michelle Trek Triathlon Recap

Monday, July 6, 2009

Healthy Decadence

I had the amazing honor and pleasure of meeting Chef Devin Alexander in Chicago for a one-on-one workout date! We met at a gym in downtown Chicago - Devin mentioned that Oprah works out at the club we were at, but alas we didn't see O anywhere.

Devin and I completed a cardio circuit, and we talked the entire time. It was so refreshing to talk to someone that "gets it". Our date went by so quickly, and before we knew it, an hour and 10 minutes had flown by. Devin had to leave quickly because she was a featured chef at the Taste of Chicago, but before Devin left, she gave me a box of her Healthy & Decadent Treats

I was so excited - I couldn't believe Devin actually took the time to make these treats just for ME!!! When do you ever have a world renown chef cook for you?

My little box contained two chocolate chocolate brownie cups, 2 fudge mint iced brownies, and a glazed lemon bundt cake. It was so hard not to inhale the treats all at once - they looked and smelled so yummy, and tasted even better! The fudge mint iced brownie was pure decadence - so rich, and bursting with flavor. :)

We then met up with Devin again at Taste of Chicago where she introduced me to the crowd - it was rather exciting! We watched her presentation - she demonstrated her McDonald's: Big Mac, Green Potato Salad, and Chocolate Chocolate Brownie Cups. Let me tell you - if you love McDonald's Big Macs, you simply MUST try Devin's healthy recipe (found in her Fast Food Fix cookbook, and also shared in yesterday's post). Devin has recreated the "special sauce" to perfection!

Meeting Devin was an experience I will keep with me always! Devin has openly spoken of her food addiction, and how it continues to affect her life. Knowing that she continues to succeed and overcome her addiction every single day gives me immeasurable hope for my future. She is such an incredible inspiration because instead of running from her food addiction, she embraced it and taught herself how to live a healthy, decadent life. She's shown me how to create more balance with my nutrition and showed me it's possible to eat like a "normal" person yet be so healthy at the same time!
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