Monday, June 8, 2009

Miller Ride For The Arts

My kids and I completed the 15-mile ride in today's Miller Ride for the Arts supporting UPAF. It was really fun, despite the chilly weather. The rain held off until we were done with the ride, which was perfect. I briefly thought about trying to shoot video of the ride itself as I pedaled along, but I'm far from graceful and much too clumsy, and decided both hands were needed on my handlebars at all times. We witnessed a pretty bad crash between two bicyclists near Mile 10 that had me quaking in my seat, and immensely grateful when we hit the finish line in one piece. Trying to get my leg up and over my bike was rather difficult, but the sense of accomplishment that flooded my entire being made the aches and pains worth it!


  1. LOL Your kids are a crack up. Your daughter is so cute with her responses. Congrats on finishing that. Pretty cool!!

  2. wondering if you ever got that package sent off? or returned the package you accepted from my last swap?? since you aren't answering my emails and all.


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