Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trainer Notes: Week 4

This past week Michelle has made even more progress. Training with Michelle has been increasingly fun because she is developing more and more ability. She’s getting better at pushing herself to her limits, and part of that is knowing what your limits are. Often, we find that your limits can be pushed further than you think. It was a little difficult to read Michelle’s tolerance to exercise at first, but she is more aware of how it should feel now. This makes it easier to take her intensity to the level that is necessary to achieve muscle failure (which is a good thing). This muscle failure is the point when Michelle is physically not able to perform another repetition of a given exercise. We have to make sure that recovery from this intense exercise is maximized. What is so important to make sure that the body recovers and adapts adequately? It boils down to one word – nutrition.

1 comment:

  1. So what your saying is that she no longer thinks she's actually going to die if she does one more (insert excercise move here). Ahhh, yes... I know it well. LOL


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