Monday, April 6, 2009

Trainer Notes: Week Three

Michelle is starting her fifth week with us at Fitness Together. She seems to be coming along well. She has been very committed and energized with a great attitude. Oftentimes, it is a significant change for people to change their old habits, not only just behavioral habits like eating and exercising, but just a new daily routine can be a little overwhelming. Michelle has done well making the mental adjustment and committing to a new lifestyle and routine.

Today Michelle will start her next four weeks on a new program. Her first four weeks were designed to develop coordinated, smooth movements while building some lean muscle. The program we have designed and the exercises within it are designed to create more intensity and breakdown of the muscle fibers and create hypertrophy, or muscle growth. This does not mean we have plans of making Michelle into a bodybuilder with massive muscles, it just means we need to put just a few pounds of muscle on her. Increased muscle means increased metabolism and she needs that for fat burn. The first few workouts this week will be difficult for her, and she probably will even be a little sore for a couple days. She now knows that some soreness is not a bad thing, as long as we are progressing the intensity at her body’s pace. I’ll have more updates next week!

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